ANTIDOTE | Your customer experience sucks
Your customer experience sucks and you probably don't even know it!
Customer experience, design, CX, XD
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Your customer experience sucks

This was going to be a piece about digital experiences, but we all know that digital is not a thing anymore, it’s everything. A huge chunk of your customer experience will have a digital element if not be completely digital. So lets just talk about customer experience, every interaction you have with your audience, from product, to service to advertising.

Transference, a simple word that now has a powerful new meaning.  A word that means to a lot of your audience, your digital experiences suck.

Humans are complicated creatures, but one thing we know is that we are a learning species, we evolve based on the information we consume and the experiences we have.

Our behaviours and expectations change as we experience new (and better) things. A powerful trait that is truly underestimated in the modern world as choice and change are just part of life.

When it comes to digital, there are people out there doing it better than you, doesn’t matter who you are, there is, we all need to accept that. We all live in a world where Apple, Google, Facebook, Uber, Snapchat, Amazon, LinkedIn all exist and in many cases they are being outdone by new competition and new experiences.

You know what they spend a lot of money on? The simplification and beautification of the user experience and interfaces, in many cases the experience and the interface is the product or service.

Your audience uses these things, they get used to them, they become part of life and their expectations and learned knowledge about interactions reaches a new bar. This new bar is set and they now judge everyone and everything at that level.

Their behaviours have been reset and their levels of expectations have risen, the scary thing for us all is that we are all now being judged by those new levels. It’s not even a behaviour that we know we are doing, it’s natural, it’s built in to our DNA as humans.

This is called transference. The way that humans transfer other experiences and interactions on to the ones you are giving.

It’s happening every minute of every day and the only thing you can do to stop it is be at the forefront of experience. Understand human needs and excel them at every touch point.

Locally in Australia, we have a problem with UX, XD and Visual Design, many brands don’t understand what it is or the importance of the craft. On the flip side many agencies don’t even have the skill set and view UX as wire framing (which is only a small part of the craft).

If you are a brand marketer, ask your agency next week how the UX and XD team in their business operates, what their skills and backgrounds are and how they apply that to your problems. The answer you get might just scare you.

And that’s why your customer experiences suck.

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