ANTIDOTE | Unlearn everything you think you know
We have to continually challenge our thinking, to unlearn everything we think we know.
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Unlearn everything you think you know

Why do we continually create clones in the creative industry?

Why are we not training people to identify and solve problems?

Why are we stuck in Einsteins view of insanity?

Why? Because we are constantly looking backwards to drive forwards. We look at results of the past in terms of people, process and the work we create. What worked before will work in the future? Right? Wrong!

We need to unlearn everything we think we know, and keep doing that, consistently, monthly, weekly, even daily.

Constant, unfettered learning will allow us to use our creativity to imagine the future, to help brands and business to design their way our of serious and complex problems.

Advertising is nothing more than a group of people in a building coming up with ideas to solves problems. However, nobody is trained to identify problems or solve them. We are training a whole industry to take advertising briefs and come up with advertising answers.

In today’s world, advertising is an answer, but it shouldn’t be the first answer and it shouldn’t be the answer to every question.

Unlearning is harder than learning, we are all biased towards things we think we know. We surround ourselves with people who think like us, we read information that backs up our own thinking and we create pockets of bias that allow us to continue along a road to mediocrity.

Unlearning is a skill, that starts with the ability to challenge yourself and there are two main things we can do today to start the unlearning and relearning process:

1. BOOST – You need to learn to boost, in simple terms, to become a 5 year old. Never stop asking the questions why? and what if? We all tow the line too quickly, get on board the popular opinion. The champions of the future will be those who don’t accept conventional wisdom, who can continually BOOST themselves and others around them to get to a better problem and more unique and novel solution.

2. UNCONVENTION – Get out of your bubble. Mix with new people in new ways, look outside your category, your industry and your product set. Find people who can give you a different perspective on whatever you believe. UNCONVENTION is about truly filling your mind with things you wouldn’t normally consider, stealing from other industries, borrowing from others thinking. Challenging the norm.

These two attitudes and approaches will slowly help to unlearn the biases we all create and to push you in to new directions. In a few days I will publish the 10 questions every advertising person should ask on every brief for more help in doing things differently.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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