ANTIDOTE | Reading makes you more innovative and creative
Get out there and read more, learn more, bring in the knowledge.
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Reading makes you more innovative and creative

Over the years, many cleverer people than me, have shared that fact that both creativity and innovation are driven by access to information and the ability to combine disparate thoughts.

For many years I have read everything I can get my hands on and as the world has become more instant, bite-sized and short-form I moved away from ‘books’ to the digital mediums. Over the past few months I have been driven back the other way by the short-termism and so called experts sprouting crap that they know nothing about.

So in the essence of sharing, here are 4 books that innovative creatives should be reading:

Growth Hacker Marketing – This book feels a little obvious on first read, but actually if read with the right mindset you can start to envision a world without media. Which is a good thing!

Creative Confidence – Written by the guys over at Ideo, this is a great view on the world and how to release the creative inside of us.

Velocity – This comes from Ajaz Ahmed, the dude behind AKQA and with one of the top minds from Nike pulls apart the need for quicker, more rapid approaches to communications.

The 46 rules of genius – Doesn’t come more inspiring than this, 46 ways to actually be a more innovative person. Sometimes you just need to be told and told again!

Try out blinkist, a great way to shortcut the reading and see what you want to get in to deeper.

Get reading, get creative, get innovating.

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