ANTIDOTE | No adapting to change is terminal
Change is really scary, not adapting to change is terminal. Take a risk, be brave, transform.
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Not adapting to change is terminal

‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new’ – Socrates

I learned a valuable lesson over the last week, I published an article on mUmBRELLA, challenging the status quo of the advertising industry and taking on the accepted norm. I threw out some changes that could be made, but I learned something that the quote above sums up perfectly. My energy for that period of time was trying to wake up the hilariously amusing, dinosaur industry that I actually love to work in.

Now, those who know me, will know, that I actually spend 95% of my energy doing, rather than talking. Every now and then, I pop out to rattle the cages of the old guard and then carry on about my business.

We are a funny species, constantly evolving, going through periods of massive change, but we hate it, we fight it and in Australia, we seem to loath it even more. Why change? The beaches aren’t going anywhere, the lifestyle is amazing, we are all having a great time!

But, and a big but, the wider world is coming to get us, Australia is no longer an island in the middle of nowhere that is a bubble for people to have amazing lives within. The younger generations are either challenging hard, or leaving the country, the brain drain is at it’s highest and as I have said before, the Australian younger generations have more in common with their American, European or emerging nations than they do with the wider population of Australia.

Let’s take this back to business. Businesses are in the most volatile time in history, consumers have power and choice, start-ups are eating their core offerings and the digital revolution is relegating entire industries to the history books.

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ – Plato

Plato was a smart dude, and we are now in the time of necessity, the most agile age of the modern world. Never has there been a generational gap than what we have now and technology, science and knowledge is increasing at an exponential rate.

We all hate change, it can be dangerous, it can be scary, but, not changing, not adapting and not being able to evolve is terminal. This is as much for big business as small business and even down to our own personal careers and lives.

I was born with a passion for change and risk, and often think about what makes me that way. I think it comes down to a couple of things; pure confidence in my ability to make any decision work (not necessarily the supposed right decision) and the fact that I have failed on numerous occasions, sometimes spectacularly. Failing is part of change, the driver of innovation and something we all need to experience, get back up from and push forward from.

So maybe in this time of fear and risk aversion, the one thing we need to embrace is failure and the lessons, learnings and power it can bring?

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