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: We are a team of unaffected outsiders dedicated to breaking old paradigms and bringing new thinking to complacent industries too big, too old, or too stuck to meet the needs of a modern world.

We use mental Kung Fu to break things. We’re not big on busting boards with our feet, or bricks with our heads, but we are big on disrupting nascent markets and attacking fresh ideas with the potential to leave a mark on the world. We’re black belts at targeting customers, building technology products, and utilising the full force of innovation. While other industries battle to keep the wheels of status quo turning, we embrace change as a friend, not a foe, as we slide ever forward into the future.

Let's have a Beer

Eran Thomson, Founder

Black Belt, 3rd Degree – Spectacled Cobra Style:
“Potent ideas strike sage opportunity.”


Jon Holloway, Founder

Black Belt, 3rd Degree – Spitting Cobra Style:
“Wise words pierce mind and soul.”

: False beliefs must die,
So that you may know joy.

Current Projects

Zuper™ is a new take on one of Australia’s oldest and most broken industries: Superannuation. We are challenging the convention of how people interact with their money, the investment products they choose, and completely rebooting the business to be customer focused.

Check out Zuper Super

A Top-Secret Project – The expanding digital economy means more and more consumers are increasingly vulnerable to security breaches and hacks so we are challenging the conventions of the credit card industry to provide customers with advanced technology to transact online and off comfortably and confidently using an ultra-secure digital identity.
Neemo™ is a new technology platform that uses Machine Learning and a proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine to surface more of the things you love so you’ll “Never ever, ever miss out.”
muuv™ challenges the convention of how we design, use, and pay for personal insurance by creating a new platform based on AI, machine learning, and peer to peer models to enhance health and well-being.
Regrettably™ is an anti-piracy platform that challenges the convention of how people watch and licence entertainment globally.

: If you can’t do it slow,
You can’t do it fast.

Growth Hacking & Brand Building

Antidote Growth helps transform companies who recognise the need to evolve in order to keep up with the way the world works today. Our expertise includes Ventures, Media, Marketing, Strategy, Creative, Social Media, and Product – always with a goal of using data and creativity to build scalable growth.  Our process is simple: Test and learn, go slow at first, see what works, then crank it up to eleven. After that it’s ROI or die.

: Striking fear into the hearts
and minds of the complacent.

Latest from the Antidote Journal

: Fear is the enemy. Trust is the armour.

Submit Your Ideas for Consideration

At Antidote we’ve amassed a team of partners and professionals who can leverage all their expertise, relationships, and secret sauce to make dreams come true. Whether you’re a small group in a garage, a well-formed team with momentum, or just a guy or gal with a random idea that’s keeping you up a night, we’re always looking for amazing ideas and awesome people. So if you have a concept, prototype, or business that is:

• Taking on a large, stagnant industry

• Designed for the better good of society

• Uses disruptive technology

Make it Happen

: To hell with circumstances.
Let’s create opportunities. 

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